Saturday, September 5, 2009

California Dog Park Issuing Tickets To Leashless Dog Owners

This is outrageous to ticket these dog owners that have broken the leash law huge fines. The fine does not fit the crime, running a red light is cheaper than having your dog off leash. If under SB250 any intact dogs would be sterilized. And you can never own a intact dog again. This is one of the many dangers for responsible dog owners and how they will easily be caught up in the punishments of SB250.To keep up on the latest with SB250 and CDOC, be sure to check the Blog during the day. We will keep the latest information and suggestions on how you can have an impact on this during the next week.

You can get to the Concerned Dog Owners of California Blog at or or on the website at There is a place for comments so let us know what you are thinking and what other information you want.

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