Monday, August 24, 2009

National Dog Day August 26, 2009

A special day to honor and show deep appreciation is by giving them "a day". K9's giving their unconditional love and devotion to us. We encourage all breeders and pet owners to ensure dogs and puppies a safe, happy, healthy life. We appreciate all the breeds and what they bring to our many lives. Saving one dog at a time is our quest please take this day August 26th an make a difference. Paying it forward by donating to your local rescue. Contact Bay Area Shih Tzu Rescue, GGSTF member and rescue officer Loree Levy-Schwartz at Mail to: Schwartz Animal Family Rescue, 1555 S. Winchester Blvd. San Jose, CA 95128

Dogs put their lives on the line everyday working to protect us, save us, and guide us. They impact our lives in so many ways, give them their " National Dog Day" and sponsor your breed. Chenille Shih Tzu challenges all shih tzu owners to pay it forward by giving only $5 to Shih Tzu Rescue. Let's make miracles happen.

We are California Cotton Growers, the fabric of our lives. Cotton supporting National Dog Day. Our farm has been growing cotton in San Joaquin Valley for over 20 years. We encourage all cotton growers to pay it forward for National Dog Day, please give to: Animal Miracle Network455 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. #245Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940

Monday, August 17, 2009

Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers Annual Sanctioned ‘B’ Match

Cheryll & Carmila
If your Shih Tzu puppy is a cutie, and you want to have some fun this is a great family event. The Golden Gate Shih Tzu Fanciers Sanctioned ‘B’ Match, September 19, 2009 at 10:oo am, Hillcrest Park, Concord, CA ( Grant & Olivera Street ) This family event for all shih tzu & toy breed lovers, open to enter or just have fun watching these shih tzu puppies in the ring. Here is the link for meet information, Match to be held in conjunction with the Nor-Cal Toy Dog Fanciers' Match - Afternoon Potluck.

Judge: Doris Boyd will be judging classes :

Conformation Classes: Puppy Classes: 3‐6 mo., 6‐9 mo., 9‐12 mo. (divided by sex)
Adult Classes: Bred by Exhibitor, Open (divided by sex) Cut‐down class.
Dogs with major points must be shown in Open Professional handlers may only show dogs that they own
All AKC Rules and Regulations pertaining to Matches will apply.

Last year we had a wonderful time, showing our 2008 Best Puppy Chenille Shih Tzu Tia Mia Amour, and Chenille Heritage Softail Classic. With our very good friend Chyerll Limso, Fantasia Shih Tzu from the Philippines. Cheryll and I spent the day having so much fun, with our shih tzu puppies. It was a perfect day and a great time with all the members of the GGSTF, and of course the great potluck after the meet. Now if we can get GGSTF President Bonnie Prato to make her to die for delicous coconut cake, I know we will be there!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wild Alaska Fishing Cruise "Fish On"

We had a wonderful Wild Alaskan Fishing Cruise, I have to say this fishing trip was absolutely perfect. Fabulous scenic way to see the true wild Alaska. Fishing 350 miles of the inside passage from Juno down to the channels and fjords of Chat ham Strait. Our Captain Larry Larson and wife Susie, and their outstanding crew. I can't say enough about the Perseverance crew, our Fishing Guide Ricky Gonzales, to Chef Joshua Young and Niles Deck Hand also Captain Don. We did have the most adventurous time fishing the calm waters. Amazing wildlife through out the trip, huge pods of humpback whales, bald eagles, sea lions, bears and dolphins. Most amazing part was watching the whales breach and dive, and listening to the whale calls. I did have a hard time getting used to be waited on, bait my hook, take my fish off, clean them, and come back to cocktails and gourmet meal dinning in the most pristine Alaskan back drop. Ok, well maybe not that hard, but it was hard reeling in 42 lb halibut. Thanks to Sir Ricky I was able to land my huge halibut, not the biggest ever caught in Alaska but it was a nice one. Everyday we explored so many wonderful fjords, a true majestic wonderland. Our group of wonderful shipmates, we had a wonderful time getting to know each one. With loads of fresh coho and pink salmon, halibut and rock fish we made our way back to home. And each time I cook our Alaskan fish, I think about our wonderful fishing cruise with Wild Alaska Fishing Cruises, thank you Larry and the Perseverance crew. Check out our Alaskan fishing vacation photos at Chenille's Flicker Photo's

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pitter Patter of Puppy Feet

Sweet Puppy Dreams

Sansha's puppies are 2 weeks old, eyes are just now open. They are so delicate at this stage, with the tiny puppy paws and cute little noses. Scooting around with tiny legs, finding that perfect spot to sleep. They are at a wonderful stage of life, mommy keeping a close eye on each one. Knowing which one needs attending, she cleans and stimulates each puppy. Sansha has to be healthy and strong to produce enough milk for 6 beautiful shih tzu puppies. Small breeds have a greater energy requirement per pound of body weight, the size of the litter requires more nutrients for milk production. Increasing her calorie intake as the puppies require more nutrition. Feeding premium food for greater caloric and nutrient. Proper nutrition is essential for healthy growing shih tzu puppies.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sansha & Alan Shih Tzu Puppies

Sansha and Alan Yingsu's Hav'n a Goodtime at Amitzu amazing new litter of shih tzu puppies June 26, 2009. We are so excited to see five males and one female, these shih tzu puppies with outstanding markings and gorgeous faces. Sansha produced beautiful shih tzu puppies again, her last litter with Centerfold Silhouette Encore "Cory" are in the show ring. Chenille Soft Tail Classic (Myles) also Chenille Coco Chanel (CeCe) have done extremely well. We are choosing our next show prospects out of this wonderful litter, so watch for us in the show ring. Video of "Alan" showing at Woofstock, San Mateo, CA Owned and Handled by Therese Foreman.