Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Feed Our Shih Tzu Eagle Pack Holistic Select

Here at Chenille we love to feed our Shih Tzu adults and puppies Eagle Pack Holistic Select Dog Food ( Chicken & Rice Formula ) I really like how this dog food makes our puppies so strong and healthy, and the coats are just gorgeous. We highly recommend that our new puppy owners keep feeding Eagle Pack Dog Food, for a healthy pet. I have noticed that in few weeks when the puppies are weaned off the mother and started on Eagle Pack Puppy Food around the fourth week of age. That is when we see our puppies thrive, full energy and building healthy structure. At eight weeks of age, we look at the conformation of the puppy. This is the best time to see what the puppy will grow into as an adult. Feeding quality dog food is a must, from our show prospects and whelping females to growing healthy Chenille shih tzu puppies. It does matter what you feed, I have seen so many other breeds suffering from skin problems and poor health. Most of the time these problems can be cleared just by changing to quality food. With Eagle Pack we always have had wonderful results and it shows.

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