Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Need Your Vote NO on SB250

By the narrowest of margins, California Senate Bill 250, the mandatory spay and neuter bill, yesterday passed out of the Senate with a bare minimum majority of 21 votes. The bill now goes on the Assembly.

This statewide California mandatory spay and neuter bill supported by HSUS and PETA is irresponsible and inhumane legislation and we need your help to defeat this bill and protect our pets. Let me be very clear: SB 250 will result in more dogs and cats being killed and cost taxpayers millions.

Below is a link to a Los Angeles Times poll regarding the mandatory spay & neuter bill. Please click on the link below and vote NO to show our opposition to this bill.

Click on the link below and vote NO, Thanks for your support!

Please vote NO in the L.A.Times 6/3/09 poll about SB 250. Poll likely is only up

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